Inside A Waiting Room..!

#MiracleChallenge : Week – 3

Challenge No : 3
A Story using below three words-

This is my first #MiracleChallenge entry for this week. Hope you all enjoy reading my story 🙂


It was mid afternoon.

Unfortunately, the trains were late that day due to some accident that happened near the railway track or so was the announcement made by the railway staff. And so was my long distance express train too and I was standing with my luggages at the platform of Mumbai.

I saw few passengers of my awaiting TRAIN, heading towards the waiting room. I made an entry into the waiting room, doubting about the ambience inside. But it was all good with perfect Air Conditioning. What else I could ask more for, to relax myself from this scorching heat during Summer.

I looked around the vast room rolling my eyes a 360° for a seat. While, there i saw a guy who was most handsome with a perfectly builded body. And luckily, there was only one seat left empty in that room and surprisingly that too next to him. I walked towards the seat and arranged my luggages.

Moving my hair near my eyes, I looked at him and smiled.

“Hey wait a moment. Are you from Delhi? I think i have seen you somewhere.” asked the guy removing his shades.

He was breathtakingly good looking without his shades too and I couldn’t resist myself looking at him.

“No. Am not from Delhi. Umm.. May be there is a chance of you seeing me somewhere because I travel a lot.” I replied back to him with a smile. Biting my lips, I turned around to take my travelling rug out of my bag.

The place we were sitting was so chilling due to the placement of AC which was in front of us. I wrapped my rug around my shoulders to warm myself.

He was in his own thoughts looking at the floor, may be thinking to find ways to have a flirty conversation with me. And I was waiting for him to ask his next doubt. My thoughts were running faster than his eyes. And he again excused me saying,”Are you a Psychiatrist? “

With a surprise I widened my eyes raising my eye brows.
“Yeah, am a Psychiatrist.”
Replying to him, I paused for a second and bursted out into laughter and continued.
“Okay wait. So you were not trying to FLIRT with me. Am so sorry to think so about you.”
I felt embarrassed but the words came out of my conscious mind.

Covering my face with my hands, I put my head down to overcome the coming embarrassment. I heard him giggling looking at my joker face now but retaliated back “Are you kidding, Ma’am?”.

I showed up with my poker face to say No. But with a worrying look, he requested.
“Don’t mistaken me, please. I respect women.”

“Hey No no. I’m sorry for that. Okay let’s forget it. So, tell me how you know about me? “, I intervened asking him directly to the point.

He told me about a case that happened at Delhi, six months ago. The case was about a girl named ‘Hifsa’ who was gang raped. And I had a fresh memory of that 16 year old’s face while he was telling. That innocent girl struggled a lot to overcome her, after the incident trauma. And this guy was her School Teacher and I was her Psychiatrist.

“Yes, that was very unfortunate. I wish Hifsa is leading a good life now and taken care well. But you didn’t say where you saw me.”, I asked with a questionable look.

“Ma’am, it was in the hospital where I saw you held counselling session with Hifsa and there, I learnt about you being a Psychiatrist.” He said remembering his past and continued with a little pause.
“It was a tough time for our school to handle sensitive cases like this for a first time. But we fought back and to avoid such things happening to a school going girl in future, we had initiated many camps all over India specifically targeting metro cities. Where we teach boys about giving respect to girls and self protection for girls. And I was in Military before, so my past experiences are helping me out”. He said with a confidence in his plausible speech and at that moment I felt so much respect for this Ex Military man.

“I can understand it. Don’t worry everything will fall in place. Hifsa was really cooperative and I was surprised about her improvement in a very short span. She was a real fighter and had a great stamina to fight back. And I pray that I don’t see such cases in my future. God bless them all. And keep up your good works, Gentle man.” I smiled making my thumbs up.

And more ever, I was very happy to meet this guy in my life. While expressing my deep wishes for his ongoing and future camps, there came the announcement from the railway staff. The train was about to arrive in ten minutes.

I looked at him, with a RELIEF I sighed, “Fiiiiinaaaally, our train is going to arrive. Am sorry I forgot to ask your name.”

He gave a soothing smile through his eyes and replied,
“Am Rubal. And if am not wrong your name is Mary. Right ma’am? “

He amazed me from the beginning and now too. I shook his hand and said, “Yes Mr.Rubal. You are right. Am Mary. Nice to you.”

“Nice to meet you too Ma’am. I think I have to walk a little to my left side. If we are destined to cross our paths in future, we will meet once again. So Bye for now.”

His last words definitely gave me a worst feeling. But I smiled and wished him back.
“Yeah Mr. Rubal, if destiny wants to. Bye and Take care”.

He walked with his luggages towards his left of the platform and I headed to my right.

Although our conversations were a bit twee, it was a real worth at the end. And i couldn’t believe that those beautiful two hours spent with such an inspiring man ended up so early like I used to wake up halfway dreaming during my small naps.



Image Source : Google : The air-conditioned waiting room inaugurated at the Ernakulam Junction railway station


Miracle ☺

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18 thoughts on “Inside A Waiting Room..!

    1. Ha ha. The Ac waiting room had recently been inaugurated in one of the cities of India. I had a thought of displaying this pic to show actual existing room, so I downloaded it from Google.
      Good that it helped you visualize.
      Thank you so much for taking you precious time to read my fiction and for your valuable comment. 😃

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  1. Good short story Miracle girl. In waiting rooms and while waiting for trains that luckily get delayed, we do run into such conversations that becomes the start of another story…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh ! You noticed that. I’m just learning. Hope one day, I become a good story teller and poet. Being versatile is good. Right?
        Thank you so much 😇
        Will visit your blog soon 😃


      2. As long as you keep yourself being a learner and learn to adapt, I am sure one day you will have a lot of followers, and yes being versatile, is good, so that your readers can never expect what comes next from you…

        Liked by 1 person

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