Melody of a melancholic wait…

Hello Everyone !

This is Kacy’s first written song. I loved and enjoyed a lot.
Do read and enjoy 🙂

And don’t forget to visit her beautiful blog.



Miracle 🙂



I was born with a silver spoon,
I have seen my every boon,
There were riches,
Carved my niches,
Yet I’m homeless –
Take me home…

Flowing silk of my dress,
Weighing me down, my jewels;
My beauty turning heads,
stopping me, the princess –
from reaching you, my home!

The feast is rich and tasteless,
I’m sad and sleepless,
Wanna be where I belong –
Wanna be with you,
Baby come and take me home.

Let me see you once,
To save you in my dreams,
Let my dreams come true,
Coz I know that you-
Are my home..

I’m homeless, take me home…


-K. C.

A song in response to daily prompt – “melody”

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