My Offering For Him.. !

#MiracleChallenge : Week – 11
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Challenge No : 2
Write a Poem using below two prompt words –
* SING     * LIFT

Hello Everyone !

I have been waiting for a rose bud to bloom. It did today. Yes ! I woke up with a surprise. It had blossomed with a radiant velvet maroon, which is my favorite shade in red.

I couldn’t stop myself to capture this beautiful gift from God. I don’t have a camera but a camera phone. And I’m not a big photographer like great photographers, I see at WordPress. I have only collaged the photos and added a text for the Featured Image. So, the colour of the rose is very natural and non-edited one.

And since the Rose was in search of some Sunlight, it was not posing for my camera. I had to bend a little towards my angle, to take the pictures 😉



A morning time

Surprise filled joy

A rose, velvet red

Beautiful as always

Radiant and fully bloomed


My Eyes with love

As if you are my baby

I always wished for

My Mom know my love for you

She know, how badly, I missed you

When your mother lost hope to bear you

And today you Blossomed

For everyone’s happiness


But, I won’t pluck you, today

You are not meant for me

You are for Him

You appeared for my Lord Ganesh

On a beautiful saturday

Intentionally or Unintentionally?

I don’t know..


I will go inside His Temple

I will sing His mantras

And pray pouring my heart

For my family well being

Keeping you in front of His feet

May He lift my unconscious mind

Let my soul leave my body

For Him, Towards Him

Thank you for reading. My day has been made by this beautiful rose and I feel very grateful.

There need not be any big reason to make yourself happy. Even, small things too can make you happy.

See you soon… Cya for now.. 🙂


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Happy Blogging !



Miracle 🙂


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