Life Is Full Of Beauty.. Notice It..!

Hello Everyone !

How are you all ? It’s been long time and I have not posted anything.

Well. Have you heard people saying that???

“OMG ! He is Rich ? Then, we have to treat him nice.”

“This. This fellow is poor. Maintain your distance from them. Don’t stay close with poor people.”

“My goodness. She is very beautiful. I wish she will accept my HELLO.”

“Urgh ! Why this ugly looking girl is coming towards me ?”

“This fat – old lady doesn’t look elegant at all now. Lol. “

“Look at that beggar. I have never seen such a pathetic creature before. Yukk.”

Just show them a graveyard and tell them that, ” Hey ! This is that one place named ‘GRAVEYARD’ where all the Rich – Poor and Beautiful – Ugly meet finally. Our final physical destination.”


Find the beauty inside you. Within yourself. Then, World will also seem beautiful to you too. 

The best compliment for me is when someone says that my soul is beautiful.


Wondering why I’m talking about this today ? Well. Just now I read an article – The following article is the best example. 

“Everyone Was Warned Not To Touch Him, But This Guy Did. This Is Heartbreaking.” dated in the year 2014.

(I have copy pasted the available image from that page itself for easier read. View from Desktop.)



Spread Love !



Miracle πŸ™‚


33 thoughts on “Life Is Full Of Beauty.. Notice It..!

  1. Everytime I read UGLY’s story I end up crying. Haven’t yet got immued to it. Guess I never will. He is the most beautiful cat. I recently buried an old stray cat which was mauled by dogs…. I found him in a sorry state adopted him, took care of him. He changed my concept of cats being selfish… I had named him MEAOW. So trusting and dp loveable… just like ugly.

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      1. My house is a transit camp for all injured animals and birds… from a parrot to bat to owl to dogs and cats I have looked after all… rescued them, given Med aid and then either set them free or have got them adopted into loving homes. I have three dogs of my own. And only one is a pedigree. Rest mixed and rescued

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      2. You really got a beautiful soul..

        2 hours back I watched a video in some news channel, where a crawling baby was kicked badly in his face and literally thrown pulling his one hand and leg, a distance away.. by a keeper of a play school.. That baby was crying in pain.. More to add.. Rest of the children were made to sleep by giving medicines..
        How stone hearted she would be to kick a baby.. This is today’s playschool and today’s world..

        That caused me so much agony.. Should I feel bad for the child or should I get angry with that lady who must take care of children but did this kind of cruel actions with innocents..

        Not even humanity towards an innocent human baby. Animals are secondary in this case.. I feel very bad to live among such monsters..

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