Letter To Future Me !


Dear Future Me,

Am so glad to see you again. Yeah! It’s been 10 long years. And you look so healthy and in good shape than ever. Seems you taking care of yourselves very well. Good !

And I wonder you still call yourself Miracle or by your own name. Ha ha ha.. But staying Miracle is a bliss. Isn’t it? Stay same.

O dear, I still love your two cutie cutie dimples. And, your big round eyes don’t seems so big now. It looks very perfect. You are indeed beautifully growing dear. Oh ! That hair has grown too and is romantically flowing.

Hey, I really forgot. You were about to get engaged/married that year. So, you might be celebrating 10 years of married life. Isn’t it? Woo hoo ! So how’s your marriage life going on? Is your man as romantic as you always dreamt? Hope he loves you a lot as much as you do. Most importantly, I know you taking care of his entire family along with him.

Hey ! Is he near reading this along with you. I wonder how you might be feeling right now. Hope you are happy as always. Feel blessed to have God’s gifted life always !

And never forget our Mom. The life you are living is only because of her blessings and true love 🙂

Hmm.. What else ? Okay ! May be.. It’s time to wrap up! Meet you soon ! Soon may take time 😉

Love you Miracle ! Stay blessed ! Stay positive !

Hope you are feeling recharged now. Bye ! Take Care !

Hugs and kisses to you.. !

With Love,

Miracle 🙂


To be continued…!

35 thoughts on “Letter To Future Me !

    1. Aww.. Thank you so much, Vickie. Yes ! Definitely everyone should write to our future self. Life won’t be same as now. You can’t guarantee the same you wish your life to be. But I’m sure the letter will take me back on track if I fail to appreciate or motivate myself 🙂
      Do let me know when you write one 🙂


      1. Thanks a lot. The idea was really innovative and refreshing. I’m thinking of writing one now. I’ll definitely let you know once i’ve written it.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Ha ha ha.. Your imagination.. 😀
      I won’t be too old to get spectacles in 10 years.. Infact my grandpa had the best eye sight even at his 80’s. You can imagine how healthy his eyes were 🙂
      And thank you so much for your kind wishes… 🙂

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    1. That’s great to hear.. I’m sure you are inspiring many through your life.. Many surely needs inspiration to go through..
      For me, 50 years is very long time.. life will have many twists and turns to say than to imagine.. Hope your life will be more good than you have imagined… All the very best 🙂


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