Love Is Blind.. !

#MiracleChallenge : Week – 11
( )

Challenge No : 5
Write a Tiny Tale /Poem using below prompt image
in 5 or less sentences(for tale) and 5 or less lines(for poem)

Hello Everyone !

How you are all today ?

I had a hectic day running from one office to other, standing in queues 😦

Also, since these days, I’m finding hard to get some time. I have decided to read all the submissions which I receive on time, but will reblog them for you all, on Thursdays and Saturdays. So, from week- 11, Reblogs of Miracle Challenge posts from participants will be on Thursdays and Saturdays. So, stay tuned.

Well, I had written a tiny tale yesterday night. And, I’m sharing with you all today. This is my 1st #MiracleChallenge entry for this week. Hope you like it 🙂



‘Love is blind’, they said and she believed his love and his future desires, when he made his hand impression with a ring on the beach sand and asked her to do the same.

She captured the photo immediately to post on her Facebook wall and enjoyed every moment spent with him that day, while deciding to devote herself emotionally as well as physically to him.

She had fallen in love with him truly and wanted her love to last against all odds. But, she never knew the game he played in order to get her.

Today, only the photo lasted in her facebook account with their tags and a suicide note beside her body.


Thank you for reading. Your comments are most welcome:mrgreen:

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Never forget to have fun and to inspire others to write:)

Happy Blogging !





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