Life Is Full Of Beauty.. Notice It..!

Hello Everyone ! How are you all ? It’s been long time and I have not posted anything. Well. Have you heard people saying that??? “OMG ! He is Rich ? Then, we have to treat him nice.” “This. This fellow is poor. Maintain your distance from them. Don’t stay close with poor people.” “My … More Life Is Full Of Beauty.. Notice It..!

Battle !

Deep in her Mind, There is always Hate ! Deep in her Heart, There is always Love ! The Battle between the Two, Is definitely going to make her Insane ! Thank you for reading the fictional lines. Miracle challenge has been stopped temporarily due to lack of time. If the above image prompts you to write … More Battle !

Untitled #21

Originally posted on TIMI:
I wrote this as part of the MiracleChallenge. It was fun and tasking. Down on one knee with my arms stretched out I don’t have to babble; she knows Her left arm uncovers her still surprised face She stretches it out and it fits perfectly on the finger Finally, I see…