What Do You See There ?

Hello Everyone !

Today, I’m republishing a story which I had written for ‘Week – 2 Miracle Challenge’ 2 months back, when I was very much new to WordPress. It was for Challenge no.4 and theme was – CRYING BABY.

Before directing to my fictional story, I would like to ask you few questions to think. If possible, share your answers.


1) What do you think, when you look at a crying baby ?
2) Would you go, pick and try to stop that baby’s cries ?
3) Do you still care even if that baby is unknown to you?
4) What will you do (or did) to a stranger baby in order to stop his/her cry?

Okay. Now, here the story goes :


Yesterday, it was a beautiful morning time. I had been to my usual park meant for joggers and fitness freak people. Now-a-days, old people are more interested in keeping themselves fit than youngsters by practising Yoga.

Among them, there was an old and wise man, who guide everyone towards humanity. We call him with respect as Babaji. That day, he pointed his hands towards a slum area opposite to the park and asked us, “What do you see there?”

An old man responded immediately, “It’s a slum where I see Poverty.”

A teenage fitness freak laughed and replied, “It’s a dirty and stinky Slum.

Few others too replied.

But, Babaji smiled hearing to everyone’s answers, nodding his head with No satisfaction.

A 5 years old girl sadly asked, “Babaji ! Why is that small baby crying?”

Babaji raised his eyebrows and appreciated that little and innocent girl, by patting on her back. He immediately questioned everyone,“I had asked you all to see the entire slum. But how this girl saw something different, which you all didn’t or fail to see?”

Now Babaji replied to the girl, making a clown face to pretend for her age, “Umm. That baby may be looking for her mother or may have got bitten by an insect or may be she wants food or may be water. What do you think?”

The girl said quickly, without thinking, “Instead of discussing here, we should go and ask that baby directly.”

Babaji felt very happy hearing to her wise words and happily shared his thoughts to others, “Have you realized what you are missing to see and feel. This little girl has all her innocence, which we gradually lose growing up.”

He concluded that day’s guidance with a great lesson by giving wise thoughts to other fellow beings towards Humanity. And then replied “Yes, Let’s go.” to the little girl and went to the slum, by holding her muddy soft hands.


Hope you gained from that little girl.

Thank you for reading. Your comments are most welcome 🙂





Image Credit : http://www.omgmix.comPinterest

24 thoughts on “What Do You See There ?

  1. Miracle, this is a beautiful story – almost a parable that others can pass down to their children. You have such a visual mind (like me!), so I can always count on terrific graphics. But I commend you for surpassing the image with this post. Keep up the great work!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, dear Sharon. You are very kind😊
      I feel very happy when someone read and comment.
      I had written this story when I hardly had any bloggers following me. So, I may reblog/re-publish this sometime. I’m pleased with every words you wrote for me, here. Thanks once again 😇

      Liked by 2 people

  2. This is beautiful and you are so right – we often miss our chance to be ‘human’ as we rush through our lives without seeing… Thanks for this poignant reminder x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Good one! Insightful.. and Baby might be hungry.. I would like to make the baby happy.. I love them.. provided it’s a known baby.. unknown I may try to figure out what and where is his/her guardian/parents.

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  4. I see a beautiful Angel that sweet little face who needs arms that are loving , caring person. I would rock that little face sing to get make her feel love so she never had to wonder. Protect her at all cost. A child who is hungry , cold and scared of the unknown I would take all that from that child and adopt her as my very own she would forget her past , and replace that with nothing but pure honest love from her new mommy spoil her but her toys , clothes take her to Disney land let her see that her life is going to be something that she will want to remember.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh that’s lovely to hear.. I too love babies.. And I just can’t keep calm when I see a crying baby.. I feel restless when some baby is unattended even in presence of his/her parents..

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