The lake was luminescent and few snow bed on distant peaks shone with an iridescence. Opening the window of a running train, taking a deep breath of fresh air, she took a glance at the beautiful view of the lake. The view from the window was indeed quite refreshing, thus restricting her thoughts about her … More Her PRESENCE & His ABSENCE…!

Letter to Mom.. !

This letter i had written for my lovable mom and shared in another platform on Mother’s Day. Today, I would to share my letter… to you all here. 🙂 Dearest Mom, For the last few days, i was just thinking to write a letter to you. But i couldn’t able to. And i don’t know why, even … More Letter to Mom.. !

Entangled Rings..!

Stepping out of her caged life She allowed her heart to fly Spreading her hands wide Along with the gushing wind Closing her happy eyes, newly found She breathed a new air around Looking at her at peace For the first time Hugging her from behind Like rings entangled He promised ‘This moment you are … More Entangled Rings..!

Princess Of Lashes

Vogue for her long and thick curled Eyelashes, Crazy fans call her a ‘Princess of Lashes’. As her Mother’s gift and with a pride, She sauntered around by fluttering her only path guide. For a fall of an Eyelash from her forest like Eyelashes, Her eyes got shrunk looking at her baby falling to ashes. … More Princess Of Lashes


“Hey ! I have prepared your favorite Lemonade. Why don’t you join with me for lunch?”, arranging the plates and glasses on the dining table, she asked her 16 year old son with love. But, he simply nodded his head and walked away towards his room. Lying on the bed, he found himself Lost in … More IS THIS LOVE?