“MiracleChallenge Week – 3” dated 28th June, 2016

Hello Everyone ☺

Good Morning ! Happy Tuesday !

Welcome to Miracle Challenge ! 😇

For those who are new to #MiracleChallenge, Miracle Challenge is a weekly writing challenge using prompts and will be for writing stories or poetry. You can write whatever you are comfortable with.

Here is the lists of links to the entries for Week – 2 :

A Booked Table !!

You wrote to me and said ;

A Soulful Painting !

What Do You See There ?

Out Of My Comfort Zone I Go

‘I wish you were here…’

Purest Love !

Thank you all for participating. Am very happy that you all felt very inspiring to write. So, with a hope that more people will join us to write and inspire. Let me start with Weekly Writing Miracle Challenge for Week – 3.

So, the list of Challenges with Writing Prompts for week -3 are as follows :

1. Write a short story using sentence –
“Why did you call me now? “

2. Write a Poetry using two words-

3. Write a Story using three words-

4. Write a Story/ Poetry using theme – GHOST

5. Write a Short Tale/ Poetry in max 5 sentences using the below Photo.

Clock Strikes 12.00 AM/PM


You can participate in any one of the above mentioned challenges Or all five, as you wish.

Rules for #MiracleChallenge are as follows :

✅ Add the tag ‘MiracleChallenge’ in your post, in order for me to find your entries easily.

✅ Once you have posted your entry, comment on this blog post. So that, I can visit your blog directly.

Write #MiracleChallenge in the first line of your post.

✅ Use the words or sentence as it is mentioned. Alteration is not allowed.
✅ You can add images to your story or poetry (Optional) except challenge No. 5.
✅ For Challenge No. 5, same image must be used. Image Link is provided in P.S. Do use it.

✅ Do mention the Challenge Number 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5.
✅ There is No limit to the number of entries you write.

The deadline for this week’s submissions ends on 4th July, 2016; 12.00 PM, Indian Time.

Your blog post links with name will be entered in my next post as a token of gratitude.

There is No Winner or Loser in this #MiracleChallenge. The main intention for this challenge is to interact, write and read. Above all to enjoy writing with fun and inspiration.

If there are any queries, do comment to this blog post.

All the best.. !
Be Creative.. !
Let your Imaginations flow..!

Have fun 😎

Miracle ☺

53 thoughts on ““MiracleChallenge Week – 3” dated 28th June, 2016

  1. Reblogged this on miraclegirlblog and commented:

    Hello Everyone 🙂

    Miracle Challenge is a weekly writing story/poetry writing challenge. For those who are interested in writing, please visit the original post. If the writing prompts inspires you, participate and have fun.

    4th July is the last date to post your writings for this week’s challenges : https://miraclegirlblog.wordpress.com/2016/06/28/miraclechallenge-week-3-dated-28th-june-2016/

    Every Tuesday, I post new writing prompts. Follow my blog and get the updates.

    Happy Blogging 🙂

    Miracle 🙂


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