A Gratitude.. !

Heyo Everyone !

Today, while I was reading beautiful poems around the blogs, I came across a Poetry Prompt dated 24th June, 2016 by ELLIANE S. To my surprise, the prompt was very interesting, similar to my weekly writing  MiracleChallenge and as he mentioned in one of his post, I immediately felt like grabbing a pen and write.



The Challenge is to write a poem using all the 5 words, but in the given order only. The words, you can see in the above image are WORTH, WINDOW, WAITING, WINTER and WAVING.

Challenging, Right?

So, Elliane S, this poem is for you 🙂 Hope you like it 😀

I was wandering my mind, reading random poems

Some were intriguing, some made me to think…

When my mind reached a stopping point,

I glanced upon your poem…


My Heartbeat gave me a cheerful Hifi,

Saying what a WORTH to visit here…

The WINDOW of my half dead brain,

Gradually opened to a Heaven of Thankfulness…


I asked to myself,

Whether I was WAITING for this, day long ?

Because, I felt like

Finally, my own WINTER has arrived,

After heavy Rainfalls…


And unconsciously,

I kept WAVING my Imaginations to

How I Should thank the Creator? 

And, happily I ended up writing

As a token of Gratitude…


This day,

Came to an end making it very exciting,

Like No other day…!

Thank you so much for this opportunity 🙂

So, as I said, the day has come to an end. It’s 11.15 PM now. Good Night, everyone 🙂

And, Yes ! Happy Blogging 🙂



Miracle 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Gratitude.. !

    1. Wow.. That’s great to hear. The surprise gets doubled now. Because, I had been nominated just few hrs ago before you had nominated me..
      Am very much happy to join you and K..
      Thank you so much for the Honor. 😊
      I will write it for two in one asap..😃😇

      Liked by 1 person

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