My Message.. For You !

#MiracleChallenge : Week – 11 ( ) Challenge No : 4 Write a Short Story/ Poem using Prompt Theme – A MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE Hello Everyone ! The theme for Challenge No. 4 for Week- 11 is ‘A Message In A Bottle’. So, I decided to keep this theme. The following is completely fictional. … More My Message.. For You !


Waiting for a Miracle for so long The burden felt the loneliness Lonely heart etched the life Of a once joyous girl.. Down the lane holding her hands He wished her a very Happy Birthday.. Neither his blissful wishes Nor his serene talks reached her soul.. Self questioning herself And wandering around her once peaceful … More THE WAIT….

Princess Of Lashes

Vogue for her long and thick curled Eyelashes, Crazy fans call her a ‘Princess of Lashes’. As her Mother’s gift and with a pride, She sauntered around by fluttering her only path guide. For a fall of an Eyelash from her forest like Eyelashes, Her eyes got shrunk looking at her baby falling to ashes. … More Princess Of Lashes