Life Is Full Of Beauty.. Notice It..!

Hello Everyone ! How are you all ? It’s been long time and I have not posted anything. Well. Have you heard people saying that??? “OMG ! He is Rich ? Then, we have to treat him nice.” “This. This fellow is poor. Maintain your distance from them. Don’t stay close with poor people.” “My … More Life Is Full Of Beauty.. Notice It..!

About A Stranger !

I don’t know why? But I’m stuck with thoughts. Just random thoughts. About Whom ? For whom, this heart beating faster ? ********* A fear. A puzzle. About a stranger. Known stranger. A seen stranger. His smiles. His eyes. His talks. His presence. My first. Our first. His quests. His replies. Appearance. Disappearance. Fate. Destiny. My … More About A Stranger !


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#MiracleChallenge? It entered and whispered, there is no time left. It was hard to understand what it meant by “There is no time left” It was light on its feet, did not hear it come through the door.? It face was buried in a dark linen. There was a…

“you should be here…”

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Miracle challenge week 5, number 4 – a story featuring the words ‘negative thoughts’ “Life should not only be lived. It should be celebrated…” And birthdays are always a great way to start a celebration. I can remember my 21st birthday just like it was yesterday, although it was just a…