Letter To Future Me !

Dear Future Me, Am so glad to see you again. Yeah! It’s been 10 long years. And you look so healthy and in good shape than ever. Seems you taking care of yourselves very well. Good ! And I wonder you still call yourself Miracle or by your own name. Ha ha ha.. But staying … More Letter To Future Me !

“an old letter…”

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‘Writing letters is the purest form of friendship we humans can possibly express. We capture ourselves in a moment and then we give that moment away to someone else.’ As I look in my cupboard I can see an old school case from my youth. It was a sturdy black suit…

‘A cross to bear…’ 

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When I was completing Beryl Ayn Young’s ‘illuminate’ online course capturing grief and loss through photography I was asked to look at different perspectives in my photos. There was one perspective that I didn’t capture in my selection of photos. It was ‘negative space.’ Maybe I subconsciously didn’t go about finding…

All for my baby. 

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​Under the street lights? In a gloomy rainy night I dropped my baby? In a crafted basket on someone else’s porch.? I didn’t mean to abandon my sweetie.? I love my sweetheart so much.? But the most I could do,? I always knew, The only thing, the only gift I could…

‘the will to live…’

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Miracle challenge week 7 choice number 3 – write a story using the words ‘keeper, couple & time’ Live this day as it was your last….that was our motto since we heard those deafening words – ‘there’s nothing more we can do’ on daffodil day 2015 (a major fundraising day in…

‘onion tears…’ 

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Miracle challenge number 6, choice number 3 – write a short story using the words ‘plenty, postulated & suitable.’? While completing week number 21 in the ‘choosing your breath’ workshop I had think what ‘grief is….to me’ The grief of losing a child is like losing a piece of yourself. If…