Let’s fall in love TOGETHER !

As the Body craves Oxygen, the Soul craves Love ! – Anonymous Don’t look at the way you always wanted to.. Come and feel my meditating eyes.. Visit your soul when you look at me ! Throw away all the doubts.. Let’s fall in love TOGETHER ! ~~~ Parents never decide your life.. You don’t … More Let’s fall in love TOGETHER !

“you should be here…”

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Miracle challenge week 5, number 4 – a story featuring the words ‘negative thoughts’ “Life should not only be lived. It should be celebrated…” And birthdays are always a great way to start a celebration. I can remember my 21st birthday just like it was yesterday, although it was just a…

A meaning to it

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This is one of my biggest projects yet, an outfit sitting and reading on a bench. If you look at it while going through the park, you might think it’s stupid but if you read the panel beside it, you’ll know the great meaning of it.? There used to be a…