Letter To Future Me !

Dear Future Me, Am so glad to see you again. Yeah! It’s been 10 long years. And you look so healthy and in good shape than ever. Seems you taking care of yourselves very well. Good ! And I wonder you still call yourself Miracle or by your own name. Ha ha ha.. But staying … More Letter To Future Me !

Battle !

Deep in her Mind, There is always Hate ! Deep in her Heart, There is always Love ! The Battle between the Two, Is definitely going to make her Insane ! Thank you for reading the fictional lines. Miracle challenge has been stopped temporarily due to lack of time. If the above image prompts you to write … More Battle !

‘A cross to bear…’ 

Originally posted on wieckling:
When I was completing Beryl Ayn Young’s ‘illuminate’ online course capturing grief and loss through photography I was asked to look at different perspectives in my photos. There was one perspective that I didn’t capture in my selection of photos. It was ‘negative space.’ Maybe I subconsciously didn’t go about finding…

Forsaken !

  #MiracleChallenge : Week – 9 ( https://miraclegirlblog.wordpress.com/2016/08/09/miraclechallenge-week-9-dated-9th-15th-august-2016/  ) Challenge No : 5 Write a Tiny Tale /Poem/ Haiku/ Senryu using below prompt image in 5 or less sentences(for tale) and 5 or less lines(for poem) Hello Everyone ! How are you all today ? Well. Today, I have written a tiny tale for #MiracleChallenge for this week. Hope … More Forsaken !