My Letter to God !


Dear God,

Hope you having a good day. Right ? Great. Enjoy.

Me ? You yourself know. Who can know better about me than you.

Well, let me come directly to the point about why I’m writing this letter to you.

You gave me a father who doesn’t care about his family. Who never show affection for her daughter. Who never cared about her daughter. Who doesn’t know what’s happening with her daughter. Who doesn’t know what her daughter has to go through because of his irresponsibility.

All I asked for a fatherly love which I missed throughout my life.. I know you are there for me at my father’s place. I can feel your presence when I need you the most.

But why you always ask me to proceed when you know there is no way ahead ?

You always love to test me. I’m going through all your tests shedding my energy, my mental health, my physical health, my peace and many more. But still I’m maintaining a ground level of patience for my good, since you asked me to do.

But, what wrong did I do to see this day ??? Did I ask to you for this ???

Yes ! I asked you.. In Fact I begged you to give what is good for me. But, I never asked anything in particular. I was never Stubborn with you. I never spoke to you in anger. I never argued for all my bad phases you happily put me through. I never left you. Did I ?

I believe in my past life’s good deeds or sins. If i can rectify my past life’s sins in this birth, I agree and accept my pain and sufferings. I still have nothing to ask for myself.

I never put conditions on how my future should be. But bad people are spreaded everywhere to pull down other’s growth in this Kaliyuga. I didn’t do any wrong to them. My family didn’t do any wrong to any. So, I leave it to you to decide.

I don’t know what’s more I have to go through. But I will face with a smile because at the end it is your decision.

If following your words, your decisions and your instruction is leading or will lead to my own self destruction. I will accept that too on one condition. If you promise me a happy life at least in my next birth.

Need your blessings !




Miracle 🙂



16 thoughts on “My Letter to God !

  1. The Lord is selfish. He moves upon those that He chooses to move upon. He is always right. He knows what is best for us. We don’t always see it and we sometimes feel lost or confused by His methods, but it always workd out for our good in the end. it is normal to question His motives or His methods. I hope He reveals to you His plans. I hope you are in a situation where you can wait on His call, where you can be patient. God bless and godspeed.

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    1. This is what I convince myself every time when he puts me through tough phase. But my question is don’t I deserve good in my life. I didn’t ask for wealth or look except a lovable family. In my childhood, i longed for my father’s love. But I accepted the fact that it is not meant for me, when I started looking God as my father. The tests He putting through is something I’m not able to handle.. It’s like there is a limit to everything. I’m done now. Now I feel like I don’t deserve a future. Everything got over. This pain and suffering I’m not able to take in anymore. I’m better alone now or leave everything forever..


      1. Excuse me for being a butt, but how is it that you can throw your hands up in the air and claim it’s all over and yet you have the fighting spirit in you? Don’t give up so easily. Yes, it’s hard, but, and it’s a big but, all things shall pass. The trials you are going thtough today will be over one day. Maybe sooner than you think. Telling yourself that you don’t deserve any good in your life is contrary to what I know about God. He wants you to be at peace. He wants to be there for you. But you have to meet Him halfway. When He reaches His hand out to you, nothing happens, until… reach out to take His hand too. Please don’t give up. Please try to be positive. I don’t know your situation, so I can’t be of much help, but I think what you need today is a good, long hug. {{{hug}}}

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      2. Sounds better.. Feeling better.. Thanks for all the pushing words.. Yes ! God has much bigger plans for me.. I still believe.. Past few days were very bad which I didn’t ask for.. But I’m moving On with my God gifted mom.. 😊
        Thank you for writing to me, Eric !

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  2. Touching. Hope its fictional. If you ask for my opinion. God works in mysterious ways but she really does not controls human actions. Our problems mostly torments are caused by people not god. If you have strong faith she will give you power to stay strong. Winning the war? Will tell you if I do… 😄


    1. Exactly said.. Our problems mostly are caused by people.. But God knows that. Isn’t it ? Then why God asks us to proceed when God knows that it’s a dead end. He asked me to proceed that’s why my upset with God..

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  3. I don’t know about that m, honestly I have tried to make god give me signs million times never got one. So maybe something better will come out at the end. If god actually guided you into fire you will turn into pure gold or phoenix I believe. Sorry to know that things have been so bad.

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    1. Many things are getting Cleared.. Actually God does give signs.. In my case.. He gave me lots of signs for not proceeding further.. But I had been stupid by misinterpreting His signs the opposite way.. But at the end He actually pulled me up from drowning.. And my my mom is really helping and making me feel proud for what I’m..
      And I’m out of the foggy Zone Now and feeling very happy.. When you believe Him. You will find Him very caring..

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      1. It’s like prepare for the worst knowing the fact that God is with us guiding on how to overcome without losing ourselves.. We human beings always doubt and question Him.. Knowiny bcoz we knows the truth that only He can answer us.. 😊

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      2. Exactly. Sometimes bad things are inevitable. Especially if you are a good person. But no matter where you are god will console and guide you to light if you stick with her. At the end you will know how brave you are.

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    1. Yes.. My mom is a very inspiring women for me and everyone.. She has gone through and put through lots of difficult and challenging phases but never ever she gave up on herself.. I’m truly blessed to have her as my best friend..
      Thank you Sharmishta.. Nice talking to you after a very long time and to have a hearty conversation when in need..


  4. Mother and child bonding is one of the most blessed ones if they can become friends. That’s rare but real bliss.

    A heart to heart talk with someone can be a real lifesaver. I agree. Be brave and try to be happy. Never forget life is short.

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