His Love.. For Her..!

#MiracleChallenge : Week – 10
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Write a Short Story using prompt sentence –

Hello Everyone !

Sorry for not publishing any posts or doing Re-blogs of received Miracle Challenge posts for 2 days. But, I didn’t miss to read the submissions. Today, I reblogged the posts for you all to read. Hope you all having a good time reading them.

Also, as I said couple of days before, I have a plan to write the sequel to my last story ‘His Love.. For His Kids..!‘. So, this story is continuation of His-Love.. 

This is my 4th #MiracleChallenge entry for this week. Hope you like it. 🙂




Aria – 8 and  Daniel – 6 are his only lifeline to live and air to breathe. When Daniel was newly born, his wife died of sudden stroke; within few minutes of delivery. 6 years may have passed but still her place was irreplaceable in his heart.

After wishing his kids goodnight, he came back to his room and opened his heart shaped Box which had his wife’s letters. He took the letter dated today, which she had written on his 22nd birthday, when she fell in love with him; 10 years back.

Hey Jack !

I don’t know if this is a right time to write a letter to you. But, I must share my heart today. You knelt down in front of me; 2 months back, making a proposal. But, it was a shock to receive such a gesture from you since I was least expecting. I didn’t know how to react on the day when you asked all of a sudden. That’s why my heart felt unknown heaviness which cannot be expressed. And, I accept my stupidity that I cried in front of you and others; hurting you unknowingly.

I know, we are friends for a year. I must say that we were very good friends. We have shared a lot of things about each other’s life. But, I never thought of taking our relationship to next level. So, I asked for some time, when you again asked for my reply. 

Months passed. And, I made you wait for so long. And, gradually, we both parted our ways without any talks. Now, I feel empty without talking to you. I feel your absence in my life.  I never thought you will leave my life forever. I made my best friend go out of my hands. And, I realized that I’m going to miss you forever.

I don’t know whether you will read my letter or just tear and throw. But, I would to like say that, MEETING YOU IS THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED in my tough life. I don’t know if this is love. I don’t know why i feel the pain now, after hearing your engagement news.

Yes ! I got to know yesterday through our common friend that you are getting engaged today. All my best wishes to you and your married life ahead. Good Bye !



Flower-Bouquet-LetterHe read the letter with tears and smiled too. Since, he still remember the day he received the letter from Tina in flower bouquet. And he had called her immediately after reading her letter. But, only to hear her cries. Tina was crying on the other side , hearing his voice and Jack was consoling her saying that “Today is not my engagement but my birthday”. And he cleared that he still love her alot and still waiting for her reply.

Tina felt her heart light and wished by giving him birthday wishes which she had forgotten in friend’s wrong information and continued, ” I Love You Too, Jack.”. And that was his best birthday ever. The phone call ended in virtual soul bonding and a plan of meeting for future discussions.

And, he slept hugging her letter and with her memories. 


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