His Love.. For His Kids..!

#MiracleChallenge : Week – 10
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Challenge No : 4
Write a Story/ Poem using Prompt Theme –

Hello Everyone !

I have never received a dad’s love since childhood. Everything in my life – is my mom. Today, unusually I yearned for dad’s love and wrote a fictional story.


I may die without experiencing a love of a dad

I let my writings show

How I wish his love to be.

This is my 3rd #MiracleChallenge entry for this week. Hope you enjoy my story. So, here it goes.


It was 12.00 Am. He was writing his routine diary about his official updates, his dearest wife and his beloved children.

Both Aria and Daniel woke up in the middle of their sleep by turning off their alarm and came to his room; rubbing their half awakened eyes.

Seeing their dad, they smiled and came running to climb upon his large life size bed. Both hugged and screamed in his ears from back; saying,

” Happy Birthday, Dad. “


“Aww. My little ones are awake. Thank you so much.. my babies.  Yesss.. My babies.. What a sweet surprise at this beautiful night time.” He kissed his children and laughed and cuddled them with unrestricted love; and asked making a funny face,

“But, How did my babies know that my birthday is today ?”

“Dad. Mom’s letter. We read mom’s letter, 2 days before.” The elder one Aria replied, holding the letter and continued, “Dad ? Why did mom left us ? Did she hate us ?”

“Oh ! Baby. No. She is our angel. God sent angel. She loved you a lot. Maybe, her job is over, so she might have left us. But, you know ? She is very happy with you both. “, he said in a soothing voice; hiding his tears, which were ready to leave his eyes anytime and took the letter carefully from Aria’s hand without her notice.

“Yes Daddy ? She loved me too “, asked Daniel innocently.

“My little boy. Yes. Momma loved you too.”, he replied giving him a nose fight playfully. “Okay. Now, get back to sleep. You have get up early tomorrow.”

Children’s faces drooled listening. Looking at them; he continued making an innocent thinking face, “Also, there is a pleasant surprise awaiting for my kids, after they come back from school.” .

His words gave Aria and Daniel an overwhelming joy and all three danced together. Later, he guided his children to their room and wished them with good night kisses; and left their room by turning off their room’s light.





Thank you for reading. Your comments are most welcome 😀

I have plans to continue this story for my next challenge. So, stay tuned to know his love for his wife 😉

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Never forget to have fun and to inspire others to write 🙂

Happy Blogging !

Happy Weekend !



Miracle 🙂



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