With Love For ‘The Black Wall Blog’

Hello Everyone ?

Today, I received a mail from ‘The Black Wall Blog‘.

What did I miss ? 😦

Oops ! How did I miss your hard work ? 😱

I had missed the entry of her beautiful poem titled “Portrait Of A Day, Mount Holly #2“, which she had written for the “#MiracleChallenge Week – 9” in my “#MiracleChallenge Week- 10” post.

Sorry, K to make you feel sad :(. Won’t you forgive me ? 😩

No ?? Really, No??

Not even after reading the following ??? 😉

The Black Wall Blog


Whom, we all know and call “K”

Whom I have not seen yet not a stranger

With whom I have shared my thoughts

To whom I have asked my doubts

From whom I’m learning wisdom


She is a lady

With Love and Affection

With No pinch of selfishness

With loads of activeness

With an inspiring quality

Who is childlike at heart

Who loves Adventurous trips

Who is a Nature lover

Who is a good photographer too, like her friend “L.G.B”


The lady

Whom I admire

Who is of my mom’s age

Who is young at heart

Who giggles like a child

Who is in love with Sweets and Chocolates

Who chuckles for my chocolates

Who says and proves

That Age is just a Number



Sometimes, I imagine what she will do ?? When, she gets little bit older ??

Oh ! K. Do you know what I imagine ?

Age is just a number.jpg

Am I right, K ??? Ha ha ha !

Here’s your today’s  choc🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫olates 😀

Yes Readers ! She is a energy bar to your soul; if you spend time with her. Follow her blog and read her inspiring blog posts.

Happy Blogging !

Have a great day ahead !

Lots of Love !


Miracle 🙂




5 thoughts on “With Love For ‘The Black Wall Blog’

  1. hahahaha!! OH Miracle you DO crack me up!! And of course you know I would do almost anything for chocolate… What a lovely creative piece you have written and put together!! I certainly feel honored and extremely cherished!!

    Kind Regards and warm hugs – K

    Liked by 1 person

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