God’s Prescription

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Poem Title : God’s Prescription

Challenge No : 2

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Harlem Inner City Blues: Random Thoughts

Did I fail to mention

To pay attention

For when God writes

You a special prescription

That’s filled by only you

It’s designed for you to wear your special

Magic glasses

It’s imperative to never

Take them off

Absorb and bend the light

Every person has his/her own gift

Your own lightand it’s reflection

Places you and all you touch

In the right direction

That’s rare and it’s


It should be cherished then shared

With those that need it the most

It’s important

We all pay it forward

And not to ignore

God’s calling

During the process

Pass it on never keeping your gifts to yourself

Please take care and

Forever remain blessed


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

MiracleChallenge Week # 9

MiracleChallenge # 2



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