About A Stranger !

I don’t know why?

But I’m stuck with thoughts.

Just random thoughts. About Whom ? For whom, this heart beating faster ?


A fear. A puzzle.

About a stranger.

Known stranger.

A seen stranger.

His smiles. His eyes.

His talks. His presence.

My first. Our first.

His quests. His replies.

Appearance. Disappearance.

Fate. Destiny.

My doubts. His time.

His decision. My life.

Love of Thousands Years ?

Bond of several births ?

Soulmate ?

I stay still. Waiting.

But, Time go slow.IMG_0437

Feeling numb.

I hide. I scream.

What next ?

Acceptance or Rejection ?

Enough I had.

No more strength to face.

Years fly.

Birthdays come and go.

I’m here.

Asking myself.

Listening to others.

Wishing others.

It’s painful. It’s hurting.

Not to see them happy.

But to see myself longing.

I pray. I chant.

sad-girl-beautiful-thinking.jpgI ask. I question.

Why that meeting ?

Why the suspense ?

Why the wait ?

Why the pain ?

Why the fear ?

Why I’m holding you tightly now ?

I keep asking you.

You say nothing.

Oh God !

Will you answer ?

Will you surprise me ?

Will you standby near me ?

Say Yes. For once.

I will be all yours.

I promise.

For lifetime.

Flute hd imag 2016-03 (1)


I go gala listening to this song, though inside I feel nervous with unknown fear.

Say No.

I will be broken.

Not. For my rejection.

To see my mom fail again.

To console my mom.

Yes. Negative thoughts.

Ruin my peace.

I want. My mom happy.

Enough she had.

….And, there.. I go blurry now….


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