Forsaken !


#MiracleChallenge : Week – 9
(  )

Challenge No : 5

Write a Tiny Tale /Poem/ Haiku/ Senryu using below prompt image
in 5 or less sentences(for tale) and 5 or less lines(for poem)

Hello Everyone !

How are you all today ?

Well. Today, I have written a tiny tale for #MiracleChallenge for this week. Hope you like it. So, here it goes. 🙂



Separating from a bunch of my fluffy friends, I was bought by a Richie kid just yesterday. Before the sadness was trying to go by visiting a whole new world; added another when I saw his true colours.

He was not in love with me duly, neither he bought to gift someone; but to show me as one new stuff to his betting mate; followed by another condition to throw me away for a lost bet.

Forsaken, today at this lonely bench and nothing to confess, I sit alone surrounded with almost naked trees. And, along with their forsaken leaves; I’m shedding my unnoticeable tears.


Thank you for reading. Your comments are most appreciable:mrgreen:

For more details about #MiracleChallenge, kindly visit “#MiracleChallenge Week – 9” dated 9th -15th August, 2016 – in my blog.

Yes ! Every Tuesday, I post new Writing Prompts for Miracle Challenge, which is a weekly writing challenge to write Story/ Tiny Tale / Poem / Haiku . So check out the Writing prompts on the above link and participate.

The deadline for Week – 9 is 15th August, 2016.

To read the submission’s of other participants, Click Here.

Never forget to have fun and inspire others to write:)

Happy Blogging !






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