The storm 

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Blogger : WhatsGoingOnMyMind (Laylah)

Story Title : The Storm

Challenge No : 3

Challenge : Write a Short Story using below three prompt words-


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There was a big storm coming that day. The weather news was on repeat everywhere. “Be careful, do not stand near windows or anything made of glass.. “

I remembered hurrying up home to my wife. It had been a week since she was sick. She was so weak, she would end up exhausted in bed before 8 every night.

“Remain vigilant, the storm will hit the city at 7:30 sharp, do not take on the road or drive. Please unplug all your electronic devices as well, there’s a high risk of lightning… “

I would leave her medicine close to her night stand every morning along with her breakfast and I would get dinner delivered to her at 5pm everyday. I was really worried, I never thought she was bearing such a weak and fragile body. The medicine seems to be effective only throughout the day until 7. After…

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