Marriage Gift..!

#MiracleChallenge : Week – 8

Challenge No.4 
Write a Story/ Poem using Prompt Theme –

Hello Everyone !

Finally, I got free today. I’m happy to see your love for Miracle Challenges. I read the submissions and Re-blogged them for you all to read.

I have also tried to give an attempt, today. This is my 1st #MiracleChallange entry for this week. Hope you like it. Here it goes.  🙂


Seeing their family coming

They ran as fast as they could

With a sigh of relief laughingly

They stopped under the streetlights…


Keeping the streetlights as the only witness

With a marriage gift in advance

He proposed to her one more time…

Being Million thoughts racing in her mind

She escaped out a drop

In a broken English Language

From her ocean like thoughts


Million thoughts raced in his mind too

But he didn’t bother with her words

In an impulse

He pulled her near and kissed her

She kissed him back


Love made it past language barriers

That night..!



Thank you for reading. Your comments are most appreciable:)

For more details about #MiracleChallenge, kindly visit “#MiracleChallenge Week – 8” dated 2nd – 8th August, 2016 – in my blog.

Yes ! Every Tuesday, I post new Writing Prompts for Miracle Challenge, which is a weekly writing challenge to write Story/ Tiny Tale / Poem / Haiku . So check out the Writing prompts on the above link and participate.

The deadline for Week – 8 is 8th August, 2016.

Never forget to have fun and inspire others to write:)

Happy Blogging !






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