A Long Distance Kiss

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Blogger : HarlemATL

Story Title : A Long Distance Kiss

Challenge No : 2

Challenge : Write a Short Story using below three prompt words-

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Harlem Inner City Blues: Random Thoughts

imagesCARKX51GA Long Distance Kiss

She instantly appeared and it was love at first view and click. A keeper of many, she is… He didn’t bother to ask how she found him as both heads turned and focused. It was more than an Instagram affection which led to his erection. Brutha felt warm all ova as the blood began to steadily flow through his veins and arteries. He couldn’t control his curiosity or the pulsating effect which grew into a swollen passion.

She thanked him for coming. He expressed he couldn’t wait and thanked her for having him. Honey finds herself looking forward to his comments, cloud bubbles, slick fast talkin tongue and devilish charm. She’s cool, calm and collectively smooth with her new internet interest. Baby’s guarded making sure they don’t go too far. They flirt; she blushed, harmlessly into the night. By nights end, Sistah’s panties would defiantly have…

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