Backfired Vengeance !

#MiracleChallenge : Week -7
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Challenge No : 4
Write a Story/ Poem using Prompt Theme – A VISITOR

Hello Everyone !


Today, I have written a short story. This is my 3rd #MiracleChallenge entry for this week. I won’t be available tomorrow for the entire day. So, I will read and Reblog your submissions for #MiracleChallenge, if ever I receive on monday.

So, here my story goes. Hope you like it. 🙂


Preparing a cup of coffee, Emily took her laptop to complete the crime fiction, she was writing for more than a month now.She had many endings for her story in her mind but nothing satisfied her.


Meanwhile, she received a call from skype. It was from her sister Linda; with whom Emily is very close. Linda expressed her pleasure with joy. Their talks went on for few minutes about Emily’s finance, transactions and yet to publish books. But, then all of a sudden Linda stopped to have a look at the back of Emily; and noticed someone’s presence behind Emily.

Linda with a shocking tone asked,”Who’s that guy?”. Meanwhile, he smirked at Linda and moved from that place.

Emily turned around to check about whom Linda is talking about and enquired back, “Who?”

“That one. I saw someone behind you. Just now. He laughed at me.”

“Ah! Not again. This is July and not April. Stop fooling around once again. I won’t listen this time. “

“I’m serious this time. Please, Emily. I beg you to listen. “

“Blah blah blah. I’m not listening. I’m very hungry now. Need to prepare something. Will talk to you later. Love you. Muah !”


Before Linda could speak anything more, Emily disconnected the call and wondered, ” How good  it would be if someone is with me at my house, right now ? Ha ha ha. Funny. But, who would come ?” Emily asked to herself and answered longingly.

Emily closed the laptop and headed towards the kitchen to prepare her dinner. There, she saw muddy footsteps coming inside her house. She froze for a second and checked her main door, which was unlocked. And, she remembered herself unlocking the door, to feed her cat. “Oh ! Shit.” She cursed herself. Rolling her eyes, she looked around for her mobile to call 911. But, she couldn’t find and all of a sudden, she heard some music of Angry Birds coming from the next room. She ran towards the living room and to her shock, she saw a man in formal suit with crossed legs. He was wearing a black mask; sitting on the rolling sofa chair and playing Angry Birds on his Ipad.


“Whooo aree youu?” She asked in her breaking voice out of fear.

“Oh ! Emily. You came. Linda was quick to see me. You took 2 hours to know my presence. So sad.” he explained.

Emily couldn’t believe that she was with a stranger for 2 hours and she had noticed it now. “Linda was true this time. I ignored her. Oh ! Linda. I regret now.” She cried to herself and asked him, “What you want from me? Why have you come to my house? I don’t have any cash right now.”

He laughed loudly, making Emily frighten more and pulling Emily, he roared to her ears, “You #$@&%*!. Do you think that I have come here for your bloody money?”

Then, he tied Emily to the chair with the rope and went to take the sharpest knife from her kitchen. Meanwhile, Emily cried in pain and in fear; yelling for help.

“Help ! Help!”,  saying he returned teasing Emily, from the kitchen holding the knife and calmly sat beside Emily. 

At the same time, the doorbell rang. “Emily. It’s me. Linda. open the door.”, Linda screamed at the top of her voice. 

“Linda. Linda.” Emily shouted hearing to Linda’s voice. With a cunning look, he went to open the door and pulling Linda inside, he slammed the door. Then, locking the door with the key, he responded, “How sweet to see two sisters at the same place.”

“Sisters? Who. She is not my sister.”, affirmed Linda looking at Emily in vengeance. And at the same time, he removed his mask and kissed Linda.


To add the shock of Linda’s statement, Emily’s another shock came ripping her heart. That man was Linda’s boyfriend, William, whom Emily saw in Linda’s mobile as her screensaver.

“William? Linda? You both. Why?” Emily muttered in doubt.

“Oh ! Poor Emily. It’s so sad to see you like this. But you know what? I was waiting for this day.”, replied Linda revealing her true identity.

“You are my sister, Linda. Why are you doing this?” questioned Emily.

” Shut up. I told you earlier. You are not my sister. And never will be. You are just my step sister. Now sign the papers without any further questioning.”, Linda showed the papers angrily.

“Linda. I have always loved you truly. And you are my only family left, after my mother passed away. What was my fault if my mother is your father’s second wife?” Emily begged with tears.

“Not your fault? Oh ! Really ? Our stupid father has inherited all his property on your name. Do you still think it’s not your fault ?”, saying Linda raised her voice and slapped Emily.

“Okay. I have no problem in me signing the papers. You can have all my property, cash and everything that you need at the cost of our relationship.”, telling, Emily grabbed the papers and signed the agreement of transferring to Linda’s name.


Meanwhile, William grabbed the papers and pushed Linda away concluding,“Thank you Emily for everything. Now, it’s all mine.” And he continued. “Oh my sweetheart, Linda. You fool. Do you think I loved you truly? And do you think it was transferred to your name ?”

William laughed at Linda wickedly and walked out of the house, being rich in style.


Thank you so much for reading. Your comments are always welcome 😀

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Miracle 🙂


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