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Poem Title : She’s Always There

Challenge No : 2

Challenge : Write a Poem using below two prompt words –


For those who are new to #MiracleChallenge, every Tuesday morning, I post new Writing prompts for 5 challenges to write Short Story / Tiny Tale/ Poem / Haiku.

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#MiracleChallenge #7: Week – 7

Challenge #2 

A protective mist wrapped itself around me            

As I attempted a noiseless tip toe step

IMG_1267 Copyrighted and compliments of K

Along a favorite back country road.

It was beyond the middle of the night.

The stars remained hidden beneath a prestorm

Grouping of an unseen ceiling of

An impenetrable coverage of dense clouds.

Not even the moon, had knowledge of how

To shine it’s way through the thick black mass.

In the direction of the path, I planned to take

A  white formation materialized,

Literally, emerged ever so slowly.

Was it a hallucination?

Or perhaps a foggy dream,

As I was asleep in my comfy bed?

It’s eerie glow forged and replaced the blackness.

IMG_1224 AFTERNOON WALK LATE FALL Copyrighted and compliments of K

The form took on female resemblance

Somehow I recognized the visitor, as I watched,

A realization tinge that contained no fear

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