I’m Confused !

Hello Everyone !

Happy Monday  😀

Every Monday, I have decided to participate in Flash Fiction hosted by our very well known and friendly blogger ‘The Black Wall Blog’ (K).

ChallengeWrite any short story/poem or prose piece you would like that pertains to a daily post/any prompt from the week. 

THE TWIST: Whatever you choose, must be told using two-word sentences only !

The prompts from Daily Posts are : Nightmare/Unpredictable/Drive/Frail/Feast/ Depth/Carefree.

So, here it goes my entry :


My life. So unpredictable.

I wonder. What’s happening?

Harsh Reality. Horrible Nightmare.

My marriage. My future. New Life.

When? How?

Tough travel ? Smooth sail ?

I’m confused.

My doubts. My questions.

Never ending.

Oh God !

Bless Me !



Thank you for reading 🙂

Your comments are always welcome ;D

To know more about The Flash Fiction Challenge #2, kindly visit


I’m hosting Miracle Challenge at WordPress. Every Tuesday morning around 10.00 AM IST, I post new Writing prompts for 5 challenges to write Short Story / Tiny Tale/ Poem / Haiku.

Visit my blog or click https://miraclegirlblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/19/miraclechallenge-week-6-dated-19th-25th-july-2016/ to know the on-going writing prompts and the rules to participate in #MiracleChallenge for the week dated from 19th to 25th July, 2016. Yes ! 25th July is the deadline .i.e Today.

To read everyones’s entries for Miracle Challenges, Click Here.

Kindly, everyone read and inspire each other to write.

Happy Blogging !

Enjoy and have fun:)





8 thoughts on “I’m Confused !

    1. Hey Sanjana !

      There are 2 challenges :
      1) Flash Fiction challenge – from The Black Wall Blog
      2) Miracle Challenge which has 5 different challenges – in my blog .

      Visit the respective links mentioned in this blog post.

      You will find all the details regarding the challenges and rules there.

      Thank you for the interest. Hope you find out easy to understand the challenges.

      Miracle 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad to help you anytime, Sanjana 🙂
        I’m sure you will enjoy your writing by participating in any of the challenges.
        I’m waiting to see your participation 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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