The Power of She

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Story Title : The Power Of She

Challenge No : 3

Challenge : Write a Short Story using below three prompt words-

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Harlem Inner City Blues: Random Thoughts

When God was a woman until she lost her way and gave birth to me.

black-madonna1The Power of She

Brutha’s theory postulated the notion all life sprang forth from a woman.

There’s plenty of prove to his argument that God is a woman.

This type of information was pasted down from generation to generation until the birth of man.

There was a time when he did not exist.

Today, it’s believed that Adam (a man) came before the Atom (a molecule) within a Cell that replicates.

This is backward thinking at it’s best.

Nobody questions this unbelievable and inconceivable theory suitable for someone living during the caveman times.

Neanderthals some are…

There’s a lack of intellect, sensitivity and boorishness that imbue the vision of a people.

Every aspect to life points towards she…

Why do women out number men across the globe?

Why is it the oldest bones found, on…

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