He Stared..!

Hello Everyone !

Happy Monday  😀

Recently, I have come across a challenge hosted by our very well known blogger ‘The Black Wall Blog’ (K).

Challenge : Write any short story/poem or prose piece you would like that pertains to a daily post/any prompt from the week. 

THE TWIST: Whatever you choose, must be told using two-word sentences only! THEY REALLY PACK A PUNCH!

I found this challenge very interesting. And I have decided to participate by using the prompt from Challenge No.2 of #MiracleChallenge week – 5 i.e. Write a Poem using two prompt words-* FAR * SMOOTH

So, here it goes my first and trial Flash Fiction Poem for my Chocolate friend K. ;D


He stared.

I looked.

Eyes met.

Far away.

Birds chirped.

Wind gusted.

Clouds clapped.

Light ignited.

Shower started.

Heavy rainfall.

Dancing branches.

Under tree.

We stood.

Dripping clothes.

Wet lips.

His touch.

Silky smooth.

I shivered.

Heartbeat rose.

Passionate kiss.

He whispered.

Love you.

I whispered.

Me too.

Opened eyes.

I woke.

Looked around.

I blushed.

A dream.

So real.




Thank you for reading 🙂

Your comments are always welcome ;D


To know more about The Flash Fiction Challenge #1, kindly visit : https://theblackwallblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/14/flash-fiction-challenge-1/

And, for more details about #MiracleChallenge, kindly visit “MiracleChallenge Week – 5” dated 12th July, 2016https://miraclegirlblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/12/miraclechallenge-week-5-dated-12th-july-2016/  in my blog.

Yes ! Every Tuesday, I post new Writing Prompts for Miracle Challenge, which is a weekly writing challenge to write Story/ Tiny Tale / Poem / Haiku . So check out the Writing prompts on the above link and participate.

The deadline for week -5 is 18th July, 2016 at 12.00 AM IST.

New writing prompts will be released tomorrow morning around 10.00 AM IST.

Never forget to have fun and inspire others to write😀

Happy Blogging !





19 thoughts on “He Stared..!

    1. Hey Sharon ! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. Yes ! You have the prompts for few more hours. Tomorrow, 10.00 AM IST, I will be publishing new writing prompts 😃


    1. Yes ! Theblackwallblog has come up with an interesting challenge. It’s my pleasure to participate in her Flash Fiction Challenge. Thank you so much for reading and for your kind words 😇


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