Birth of a Mother !

Hello Everyone !

It’s a Beautiful Sunday because today i got a wonderful opportunity to share with you all, a true and inspiring story that i had personally heard, watched and felt.

It’s about a birth of a Mother.
Yes ! You are right. It’s about a birth of a Mother.

She is the 5th child for her parents. She survived in her mother’s womb, even after the consumption of some pills that failed to kill her. There she came into the world crying but the smiles didn’t vanish in her parent’s face nor in her sibling’s face. She always loves to eat and other’s love her chubbiness and innocence. She was cuteness overloaded for her age. Gradually, nearing her teen age, she started getting nightmares whenever she thinks about studies, school or books. It was that time period, when it was okay, even if girls don’t get educated.

She was in her peak of happiness, making home as her world. From cooking to gardening to cleaning, everything, she took into her control happily. She loves what she do and so does her other family members.

Marriage is never is an easy task for any parents. After marrying of her first two sisters, she came into the picture now. Because third and fourth were brothers and guys always have an excuse to get married late too. She turned 20. Her parents started worrying. She turned 25. All good proposals rejected her pointing her incomplete education. Too much worrying is always bad for health, but cannot be avoided by a father, when his first two daughters too were struggling with their married life. He died of heart attack. She turned 27. She got a proposal and this time her marriage got fixed and she got married within a month too.

Her husband was her world then, even till today. After 6 months of her marriage life, everyone started asking about any good news. We can’t blame our Indian society, they are brought up that way, never forgetting to ask this one question ‘What Next?’.

Years passed. But not a single day passed without her prayers. With a hope, when she started consulting doctors, they found out her problems in and around her uterus and that was stopping her body to conceive. She is always a care free lady, who underwent 3-4 surgeries for 6 years and everytime she used to enter inside the operation theatre like she is going for a movie. All the cuts in her abdomen ended up in scars. A stage had come where she could stand only one more cut in her abdominal area.

She turned 44. All the possible types of fertility tests, she tried,  went against her. Even her body was not taking her side. But, She didn’t lose her hope. She kept trying by completely devoting her body in all the tests. Staying in another city, every month, she co-operated and sacrificed herself in all the tests. It was in her 5th test that year, a Miracle happened. Her prayers didn’t go waste. How it could go waste for a beautiful soul like her.

Pregnancy was her happiest moments which she wished in her entire life. The life inside her used to give trouble by kicking her and she sacrificing all her sleep, showered her love upon that little Miracle.

Nearing the delivery date, doctors checked her, and immediately arranged for an operation. This time, she went inside the operation theatre with little nervousness. After a while, the cries of a newly born miracle baby, came out of the operation theatre. And alongside, a mother was also born. Rebirth is the another best term i could use.


Today, Mother and Miracle Baby both are doing fine. She (Miracle baby) will turn 4 years soon all by God’s grace and her husband’s support.

My only message by sharing this true inspiring story is that Miracles do happen. Just wait with patience and lots of faith in Him. God is always there to pour his blessings when the right time comes. We just need to trust him.

Thank you all for taking your precious time in reading 🙂

Your comments are most welcome 😀


God bless you all !

Happy Sunday !



Miracle 🙂



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Mother And Child Painting – Mother And Child by Nadine Rippelmeyer


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    1. Yes ! Her life always inspires me. That’s why I had shared this here. Thank you Liza for reading, taking your precious time.. I’m sorry to make you cry. But, I can assure that your faith in God will be increased 😇

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