A day inside a dark clouded head 

Hello Everyone !

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Blogger : One Great Thinker (Laylah)

Story Title : A Day Inside A Dark Clouded Head

Challenge No : 4

Challenge : Write a Short Story/Poem using Prompt Theme – NEGATIVE THOUGHTS

For those who are new to #MiracleChallenge, every Tuesday morning, I post new Writing prompts for 5 challenges to write Short Story / Tiny Tale/ Poem / Haiku.

Visit my blog to know the latest writing prompts and the rules to participate in #MiracleChallenge for the week dated from 12th to 18th july, 2016. Yes ! 18th July is the deadline.

Kindly, everyone read and inspire each other to write.

Happy Blogging !

Enjoy and have fun:)




« … Why are you still laying on your bed?? Jesus Christ, can’t you even get some light in here!? No, you wouldn’t, it would expose you for what you really are. Unwanted, ugly, stupid, bum.. Why don’t you try getting out of here once in awhile?? Of course you wouldn’t, where would you go? With who would you hang out? All your friends can’t stand you anymore! You’re so useless and unsociable. Can’t you see that there are no future for you outside those walls?? Your hellish cage is also your haven, this is so pathetic, I can’t even pity you and no one does anymore. You wasted everybody’s patience, no one cares about you anymore. You crying? Do you hope that your tears will wash your insignificance and flaws away. What kind of sadist are you?? It’s so obvious, the world is waiting for you to die so…

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