Chapter : 2 : Amy’s Rescue Plan

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Today, I’m writing the continuation of  Chapter :1:  Amy. Here is the link for a quick read of Chapter 1 :

Now, continue with my 2nd chapter. Hope you enjoy reading the continuation part.

Part – 2


Everytime, when someone crosses the room, Amy’s heart beat rises, fearing that it’s of her son’s. This time too, she got frightened hearing to the foot steps. But, there was no one but her phobia. With a relief, she took her hidden papers outside from her shelf and started writing again her real life story.


I could not control my tears. David’s queries about my life brought me fears. He knew that I’m working as a prostitute here. Stories of my life are only inside this four walls of a bedroom, and not like his adventurous and beautiful life stories. Then, why he asks about my life? But still, what happened to me all of a sudden ? This is not me. Why my heart is feeling heavy today? Why I’m crying like an idiot in front of him, who has just come as a result of bet with his friend. He is not even a customer. He has just held my hands now and was thinking a lot to even touch my shadow before. Will he care if I share my thoughts with him ?

David was waiting for my reply. He was more worried. I wanted to share everything about me with him. But I was not able to. I looked at him with tears rolling down and asked , ” Will you take me away from here?

With a shock, he took his hands off immediately and retaliated back, ” Are you crazy? How could I? This is not possible.” He continued and put forward a series of questions further. “What will you do if you rescue you from here? Where will you go? Do you have any idea?”

I asked him a favour without any thinking. But David thought everything and raised every possible questions he wanted me to answer. I replied, “I don’t know anything except this, what I’m doing here. I don’t know anyone outside. Maybe you are true. I’m destined to be here only. Sorry to disturb you.”

“Hey ! I didn’t mean that way. Okay. Let’s find a solution.”, he assured her with a firm decision. And continued, ” May be I’m destined to rescue you from here.” with a mind soothing smile.

“Really? Thank you so so much. I love you.”, I jumped with joy and hugged him by thanking him. Looking at my childish behaviour, he held my waist and brought me closer to him. My heartbeat stopped with his sudden change of behaviour. But, then he gave me perfect forehead kiss, making my eyes to close.


“Hey ! I’m very grateful with your help. But, don’t you fear about the consequences ? “, I asked David looking into his eyes.

“Not at all. I liked you at the first sight of yours. You are beautiful. Hey! I didn’t mean that way. You are really very beautiful. You don’t deserve to be here. It was your bad fate that you had to come here. But, not anymore. You are my responsibility now. You can trust me.”

His words gave me a new hope of exploring my new life and very soon.”Thanks. Now. we want a plan. Do you have any ?”, I asked him. Because, we were very sure that it’s not easy to leave just like that or even bribing millions to anyone here. There was a need of very neat rescue plan. And, we sat to discuss the ways of escaping from here. 


To be Continued…



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    1. Omg. Thank you so much, Renard. Fingers crossed.
      But still I’m still in 2nd chapter only. Let’s see what Amy and David are going to do next ☺
      Thank you for reading my story. It means a lot to me 😊

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