Monday : You Are My Favourite Today..!

Hello Everyone 🙂

Yayy ! It’s Monday. I’m back. And, I’m jumping with excitement.

Oh ! You ask me Why?

Okay. Tell me. Everyone have their one favourite poem or story or any kind of writings. Right?

Do you also have one? Yes ? Then, share that one link with me by commenting below. I will read your favourite one.

I know. I know. You have many and had written years back or months back or weeks back. So, it’s time to re-read them.

Exciting. Right? So, why waiting, send me your one favorite link.

Every monday, I will give you a chance to share your next favourite writing. So no worries. Keep them coming one by one each monday and rejoice our past writings.

And, I request you all to read everyone’s favourite writings. Be kind to each other and encourage each other.

Me? Oh ! Yes. I also have one favourite for today. My very powerful quote to share with you all. Click the link below and read. 

Nothing..! : 

Have a Happy Monday, Bloggers !

Cheers and Lots of Love 😀



Miracle 🙂

Image Courtesy : Imghans, Pinterest


6 thoughts on “Monday : You Are My Favourite Today..!

      1. Wow. Just beautiful. I loved your hindi poem a lot. I enjoyed reading it 💐😃
        It was like having a walk in a garden surroundes by flowers.. Poem about a poem 💕💕💕


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