Theatre Plays versus Movies..!

Hello Everyone !

While I was having a chat with my younger cousin brother few days back, he shared with me, his deep thoughts of Plays and Movies.

Gone are the days, where people used to travel places to watch plays. Nowadays, in every corner of the street, we have Cinema theatres to watch Movies, which are coming in variety; 3D, 4D, Animation & so on. And cinema lovers are increasing more and more, every other passing day.

But today, only 1 out 1,00,000 loves theatre plays and watch them regularly. And, if we see whom they are ? They are the old generation people. So, what will be our play’s future?



A play performance at Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangh’s open-air auditorium in the 1950s


Nowadays, we have and can see that kind of crowd only in Cinema theatres.



Cinema Theatre, Maratha Mandir, Mumbai


This is very sad that we are forgetting the origin of Movies. Even though we are living parallel with the latest technology.

How many of you here are Cinema Lovers? Almost everyone. Right?

But, plays?

Do you know the pain of each artists who are performing in the plays, not only for bread but as a passion. If you ask me, they are the real actors who perform without any retakes.

Let’s see how much pain they are in; with the help of my poem, where Moon is performing the role of a main artist and stars are the supporting and growing artists. These ideas are of my cousin.

So, to help him write his thoughts as a poem, I have decided to combine with my Miracle Challenge, again for Challenge No.2.

#MiracleChallenge : Week – 4

Challenge No : 2

A  Poem using below two writing prompts-



Giving you rays of light

I stand brightly in a height

With a satisfaction and peace

After you are left alone in mess

Like In a pool of darkness

By opening the curtains of clouds..

Dancing around me, winks

With happiness

Stars twinkled with jingles

And celebrate the success

Behind our every good deeds..

Like you, I too fall sick

For a period, I become weak

But I miss you badly

For putting you in dark, feeling guilty

Like Sun leaves you midway

But I adore the name, you

Gave me like for your newborn baby

Yes ! I take rebirth for you

as New Moon day..

Today I have returned back again

Like a Rainbow after Rain

From another Birth

To share my life with Earth

Not knowing

about the heartbreaking

Piece of news

Awaiting for me for hours..

I stand alone today

With my heart feeling heavy

Without failing my duty

Hoping for your heavenly gaze

But you never turned back outside your maze

To have a glance at me..

Upsetting my mind

I lowered down my head

Love mixed with worry

A tiny star came in a hurry

Put forward a question

About my sorrow for a reason

With a smile, I showed my own

Image, captured by a camera man..

Photo not in far-reaching distance

So lively and real, to feel the difference

Though virtual, you loved only the fake

The reel though not real, you loved to make..



Hope you connect my cousin’s ideas with my poem. Now, what do think about the Plays? Share your opinions with me.

Your comments are most appreciable 🙂


For more details about #MiracleChallenge, kindly visit “MiracleChallenge Week – 4” dated 5th July, 2016 –  in my blog and participate. The deadline is 11th July, 2016.

Yes ! Every Tuesday, I post new Writing Prompts for Miracle Challenge, which is a weekly writing challenge to write Story or Poem. So check out the Writing prompts on the above link and participate. 

Never forget to have fun and inspire others to write 😎





P.S. This post is not written considering only my city i.e. Mumbai. The images are used just for your reference.

Image Source : Google


3 thoughts on “Theatre Plays versus Movies..!

  1. Our family loves the theater! We have seen plays like Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Jekyll and Hyde, and so on. I was in theater in high school, and my husband acted in some high school plays. He also was going to major in theater in college. The next play most of our family (my two girls and I) wants to go see next is “Hamilton”. We have heard a lot of good reviews on it. I have most of the songs memorized, too, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s really great to hear. It’s amazing that your family are true performers and you all just love plays 😃
      It would be great if many people are like that. Here, in India plays too happens but more population goes to cinema theatre.
      And I’m sorry for late reply. Your comment had been in my spam box 😔

      Liked by 1 person

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