Old-Fashioned Love..!

Hello Everyone !

How is the weekend going on? 😀

Mine ? I’m spending in thoughts of my Future Husband. Ha ha ha. Whom I haven’t met yet and very eagerly waiting to spend the rest of my lives with him.

So, I’m writing the future conversation going on in my head that I may have with him. Who knows what destiny has in it’s store ? Ha ha  ! Still here it goes for now 😉


“Yes !

I never ask anything for myself.

And you call me Old Fashioned..

I won’t mind.

Because, I know you fall in love again and again

For this Old Fashioned in Me.. ;-)”

दुनिया माँगे अपनी मुरादें,

मैं तो माँगू साजन

रहे सलामत मेरा सजना

और सजना का आँगन

इस के सिवा दिल

रब से कुछ भी चाहे ना

(Hindi to English)

Duniya Maange Apni Muraadein

Main To Maangoon Saajan..

Rahe Salaamat Mera Sajna

Aur Sajna Ka Aangan..

Iske Siva Dil

Rab Se Kuchh Bhi Chaahe Na..


The world asks for their desires,

I only ask for my beloved..

May my beloved stay protected

And so may his house..

Other than that from God,

I don’t want anything else..


The words written in Hindi is a lyrics of a Bollywood movie ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ and the song is ‘Dil Deewana’. You can check the video in YouTube by clicking here.

The movie got released in 1989. But the soul of the movie is fresh even today.

Now, I can hear your inner voice asking you; about me, whether I’m so old? Ha ha. I’m early 90’s kid. Now, I leave upto you to decide what I’m 😀


Do you still think the same about writing a love letter ?


So, what do you think about Old – Fashioned Love in Relationships?

Your opinions are always welcomed and appreciated.

Happy Blogging !

Have a great weekend 🙂


Miracle 🙂

Image Source : Google

10 thoughts on “Old-Fashioned Love..!

      1. Sure ! Just now I viewed your catalog. Seems you have personally taken those photos. Those are lovely images of your country.
        Will create one soon.
        Thanks for the idea. I appreciate that. 🙂


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