Colours Of Loneliness..!

#MiracleChallenge : Week – 4

Challenge No : 4

A  Story/Poem using prompt theme – PARk

This is my third #MiracleChallenge entry for this week. And I have decided to write a motivational poem.



Taking the strong weapon
Of loneliness
I let my mind and soul to rot further
Happily to show my world
‘That Yes, Am hurt’
Because I want to blame
The world behind my failures
I started running away from everybody
Because I was a Coward
And I was not able to
Accept my defeat in front of everyone…

Painting the world black and white
Silence suddenly seemed beautiful
Even though it was not
I lied to everyone with a laugh
It’s Solitude not Loneliness
And asked the world to stay away and watch with hubris
And the truth was
Am not even ready to face.

It was one late night
Having no signs of Life around
Sitting alone on the bench of a park
I glanced upon the floral decoration
In my black and white vision..

A beautiful voice, i heard from a distance
Ignoring at first, i lost myself into my own world of emptiness..
Again, the same voice reappeared
To my surprise
The garden flowers were calling me
For a romantic dance..
Smiling at them
I at once agreed
Because i had got tired of my loneliness..

Singing a merry song
She showed her colours
Red, yellow, pink, purple, orange..
Humming at me
Dragonflies and light fairies danced around me..
Fluttering the wings, butterflies winked at me..
Forgetting my raged and caged mind
I played along with them
Listening to my heart
And conflicting my ideas with my mind..

Making the environment dance to his tunes,
Strong winds gusted upon me..
Crooked dark clouds collided each other
Looking at me in jealous..
The first drop of their tears
Fell on my lips..
And for the first time in my life
The feeling of loneliness was overwhelming
Even though it lasted for few hours..

When the time for the sun to rise, came
My black and white rainbow appeared with a huge smile
Showing a range of colours
‘Colours do exists
You are stubborn
And not ready to understand
The beauty lying behind
Every Black and White of your life…’



Thank you for reading my poem. I have written this keeping in mind, the thoughts of a lonely person.


Still finding tough to deal with your lonely feeling?

Here is the way to get rid of your loneliness :

There is nothing wrong to give a try. 

Your comments are most appreciable 😀

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Never forget to have fun and inspire others to write 😎



Miracle 🙂


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14 thoughts on “Colours Of Loneliness..!

  1. BEautiful!! ❤ definitely love it!!

    Now we need your help… since you are so awesome at this…
    will you check out a friends little prompt question/prompt.. i truly think you will like the subject matter… You are so good a promoting things… i added it to my post today… sure could use you my friend

    Kind Regards and lots of Sunshine to you my talented friend- K

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    1. Hey K! Your comment was in my spam box. I had to tell them. Dear Decision box,
      This message is not spam. How dare you put my friend’s message into my spam box without my permission. Huh.
      Lol. So. Thank you so much, K 🙂
      Oh ! Will check it out soon..
      Hey ! I keep forgetting about the liebster award nomination.. I had answered to your questions.. Did you check that?
      Rushing to your blog post.. Now.. 🙂


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