The Dark Side – Miracle Challenge

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A very relatable short story ‘The Dark Side’ for Challenge No. 1 from L.T.Garvin Author for ‘Weekly Writing Miracle Challenge’ Week – 4 :

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L.T. Garvin

Everyone has a dark side which he never shows to anyone. This was Stan. He sat night after night sifting through memories and moments that fell like flakes of salt onto the rug at his feet. He picked the grains up, scattered them to the four corners of the room to guard against ghosts. A storytelling of ravens landed on his porch awning outside heralding the night, ready to escort Madam Midnight to sing the soprano hour.

Stan could not escape his darkness, it centered around him, pulsating, feeding off his insecurity. The battle was never ceasing, culminating into stories that had no ending. The constant pacing, searching for grace in an empty place. The night runs its course. At the end of it, daylight dawns. Stan puts on his office clothes and mixes among the everyday people, the people without knowledge of true darkness.

This is Miracle Challenge #4…

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