Chapter : 1 : Amy

Hello Everyone 😀

Today, I have decided to write a story in parts. Yes ! Of course Fiction.
Hope you all like it 😉
Part – 1

“Everyone has a dark side which he never shows to anybody. So do I.”, muttered Amy’s only son, by throwing away the papers in the air.

 Before she could react to his breathtaking gesture and talk to him further, he left the room smoking his deadly love.

Beating her head repeatedly as a self punishment, skinny Amy who was very weak even to stand on her own feet, laid on the floor weeping with the remembrance of her past. She always find solace only in her writings. And this time, she decided to write her own story, taking a paper and blue ink pen.


“Everyone call me Amy. I don’t know what kind of name; my parents might have kept for me.

Yes ! I don’t remember my parents or where I was born. I was kidnapped by a big trade gang, when I was just five years old. I was told by a caretaker that I never cried longing for my lost family in my childhood. The caretaker always buys us new clothes & cosmetics; and took care of us very well, like his own daughter. I always like to wear red lipstick, blushes, and eye shadows even from at that tender age of 10.

I’m always a good listener, so was I in my early days too. And, I look very beautiful among other ten skinny girls in my block. Men adore my chubby look and that make me feel very proud about my beauty. I started earning more and more with my gift. I never realized where I was leading my life. I grew up looking at this atmosphere of beauties & beasts; and never felt any wrong with my work. Until one day, David came into my life.

I was in my late teenage. And he was in his early 20’s. He had come to our place with a bet of spending a night with a girl. And it was my turn to please a man. He entered into my room with little nervousness. To make him comfortable, I walked towards him. But, to my surprise, he didn’t showed interest even to touch my shadow. Few minutes later, he broke the silence by sharing his bet story and many more beautiful moments of his life; with me that night. And, I was very excited to hear his stories. Everything he told was like a dream. I questioned myself if those were true.  I kept interrupting him asking very silly questions. For example, what is Mobile? Since, I had no knowledge about the outer world and technology including the so called Television.

Then a time came, when he asked about my life. Hearing to that, my first tears in my life rolled down my cheek, without my knowledge. With a worry and fear, David stood up immediately from his place and held my hand to ask, “What happened? Did I hurt you in any way?”


Meanwhile, hearing the footsteps outside her room, Amy stopped writing and hided the papers inside a shelf.

  To be Continued…


Thank you reading. Hope you like the story. Your comments are most appreciable 😀




Miracle 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Chapter : 1 : Amy

    1. Fingers crossed right now. Just done and published chapter 2. So, I hope the proceedings of Amy meet the expectations of story readers like you ☺
      Thank you so much dear. Your words encourage me 😇


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