Monday : You Are My Favourite Today..!

Hello Everyone 🙂

How are you all, Today? On Monday? Ha ha. I can understand and feel your cries deep inside. So, I have thought of adding little sugar to your day.

Today, I have planned to read your blog posts.

Everyone have their one favourite poem or story or any kind of writings. Right?

If you also have one, share that one link with me by commenting below. I will read your favourite one.

Interesting and simple. Right? So, why waiting, send me your link.

Kindly, don’t send more than one links. Because, every monday, I will give you a chance to share your next favourite writing.

And, I request you all to read everyone’s favourite writings. Be kind to each other and encourage each other.

Oh ! Yes. I also have one favourite. A sweet imaginary poem to share with you all.  


Have a Happy Monday, Bloggers !

Cheers and Lots of Love 😀




Miracle 🙂


Image Courtesy : Imghans, Pinterest

6 thoughts on “Monday : You Are My Favourite Today..!

    1. Heylo 🙋

      Yea! I can understand how tough it is going to choose one favorite. Thanks for sharing with us. Will read it asap 😃

      And thank you so much for taking your time in reading other participant’s #MiracleChallenge posts. Am happy to hear that you love them 😇

      Have a good day ! ☺

      Liked by 1 person

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