Hello Everyone !

Hope you all having a good day. Today, I have come up with a cute story.

This story is written in collaboration with my friend ChallaF. Hope you all like our story 🙂



 The sound of the waves crashed on the shores. It may have washed away the sand carvings and small sandcastles the children had built earlier, but it left behind shells and reminiscences of the ocean floor. He sat just out of reach of their foaming ends. The sundown orange of the sun still felt warm on his face. He couldn’t east the smile he wore and he prayed nothing would ever take it away from him.

Placing her hands on his shoulders, she hugged him settling nearby with love and watched the serene waves. His silence made her little uneasy for a lover boy he was yet; and who never leave any chance to express his love for his everlasting love in form of Kiss or Hugs. Biting her lips, with a thought striking; for she knew what should be done to make her husband smile back. She picked her handbag and removed her mobile to show their first photo they captured from the same place; with their children, who left them to different countries for their successful careers; and their first built Sandcastles. Tears flew down with a huge smile from his cheeks; with the memories along the shores; and kissing her forehead, he thanked her.



Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it. 🙂

Happy Monday 😉


Miracle 🙂

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