Where Are You..?


Playing the music mild,
I started dancing
To a love song..
From nowhere,
You appeared
In my room..

You had entered inside
Without even a knock.
I wondered,
How you unlocked
My locked door..

But then,
I saw you
Through the life size mirror,
You were coming near me..
I saw you
Watching my heavenly curves
With every steps,
I waved my body
Standing on my toes..

My eyes shied away
From your gazing look,
To hide
From your glance and
To notice you
As a surprise..

But you smirked
With a hidden smile,
And muttered, “Angel”..

I don’t know how
But, I heard
Your inner voice
Your unsaid words
Very loudly
Into my ears
Dripping like a honey
And I turned back
To meet your eyes..

The vision
I saw till now
Got vanished..
You were not there..

I kept looking around
To have your glimpse,
At least for a second
But you didn’t show

And I’m still waiting
To see you..
Tell me,
Where are you..?

Miracle ☺

Image Credit : Dancer Mirror Photo


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