Purest Love …!

#MiracleChallenge : Week – 2

Challenge No : 3
A Story using three words-

This is a short story written in collaboration with Imaan. Hope you all like the story. 🙂


Augustine was in Coma STATE, laid like a vegetable for nearly ten months at a HOSPITAL, after one tragic and worst accident that happened one night on the Highway. His parents were glad enough to save at least their son’s life even though their only son was sleeping half lifeless; after they got to know about his friend’s nightmarish death in the same accident.

It was a miracle happened that day, doctors noticed life in his dead eyes and his fingers; which were in search of something. Within hours, his soul awakened his body and he opened his eyes to look around the medicinal environment.

When his parents came forward  eagerly with a huge smile to see him, they soon realized that their teenage son has lost his memory; when painfully holding his head he questioned,
” Where I am? Who are you?”.

His mom was teary eyed, and almost on the verge of a collapse, realising which, his dad held her hands tightly; “How are you?”; as a strong FATHER, his dad gained composure, and asked his son.

“I am fine, but who are you?”; His question touched their hearts like strong tides of an ocean, and refrained in their ears like his cries when the first time they held him in their hands from the labour room; he never recognised them that day, and he cried like a dove lost in a vast ocean.

Yet they smiled, and celebrated that they got their gift, and decided to teach him everything he doesn’t know; from walking to talking, from forgetting to remembering, from loving to caring…everything! He was so delicate that day either, and it was their love that made him strong enough to recover miraculously from such a disaster; and they were sure, they will pass this test too.

She caressed his chests, kissed him on his forehead, and replied to him; “We are always here to take care of you.”. And thanked God.




P.S. For more details about #MiracleChallenge, kindly visit “MiracleChallenge Week – 2” dated 21st June, 2016 – http://wp.me/p7uUNQ-6F in my blog and participate, since we have 12 hours still for 3rd week to start.

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Write and have fun 😎

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