‘Butterfly kisses’ 

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Lovable poem for Challenge No. 3 from Debbie for Weekly Writing Miracle Challenge Week -1

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#MiracleChallenge week 1 – write a poem using the words ‘Butterflies’ and ‘Key’

Butterflies are the Heaven sent kisses of an angel

Sent down to earth to greet you in the really hard hours

Spreading it’s wings around you

Filling you with the warmth and love it showers

Although it’s time on earth is very short

The beauty of its colours brings joy

Just like years we had with you were never enough

Our forever 20 year old boy

Your memories and love will keep us strong

As we live our lives without you

Seeing the beauty like the butterflies

Messages from Heaven come in to view

Making everyday count

Bringing thoughts that make us closer to you

Remembering is the key to Heaven

And it is ever so easy to do

I just hope we hold on to that key

And keep your memories deep in our heart


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