Come On Now, Hold My Hand…!


With talks so radiant,
power enough to make anyone have a belly laugh. !
With pride,
She smiled making everyone laugh !

Way beyond her talks,
He found her eyes, so lifeless !
The wall she built around,
Hard enough for a dust to pass !

Peircing her heart so deep,
He found her hard to breathe !
The misery and the grief with tears that she shared,
Made him petrified !

He wondered why,
Her melancholy made him feel uneasy !
His empathy turned into Love,
And he realized it now !

Revealing his affection,
With a decision so firm,
To make her agony as his own.

                “Oh! Poor girl!
        You are not the only one.
   Come on now hold my hand!”

She smiled,
With a bit of discomfort !
And retaliated,
Looking into eyes,
which was now soul destroying and lost !

       “I fear that I may lose you.
               The Real You !”



Miracle 🙂


Image Source : Google

Photo Credit : Sad, but Happy by ReBeLa

9 thoughts on “Come On Now, Hold My Hand…!

      1. [ Chuckles ] You are welcome.

        Just keep those wonderful blog posts coming.

        Once I have an internet signal, you can count on me for supporting your blog.

        Do have yourself a wonderful weekend!

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      2. Only your unconditional comments for my posts and support, keep me going here.

        Ah ! That’s all for today. You can now check out for tomorrow, when ever you are free 😇

        Yes ! Happy Sunday 😃

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