Hide N Seek… !

#MiracleChallenge : Week – 1

Challenge No : 3
A Story using below three words-


It was a sunny day and evening time. Four children – Ka, Ki, Kaa and Kai decided to play hide and seek at Kaa’s house, as Kaa’s parents had gone for an outing. Ka was chosen to seek this time, as he was the first to get caught last time, when they played at Kai’s house.

Ka started his counting. Ki, Kaa and Kai went to hide. Ki went to  hide below an Old Cot, Kaa picked a COAT from a cupboard and decided to hide wearing it, as the Coat was big enough to hide his little body. Kai kept searching and after finding a tough place to hide, shouted loudly to Come.

Hearing the noise, Ka stopped his counting and guessed the voice coming from. He went straight to the Kitchen to search. There he found some cookie crumbs and an opened Jam bottle on the table. He SEARCHED around a little and heard a noise of someone eating. Opening a big shelf, Ka saw Kai inside eating Cookies.

Jumping with an excitement, Ka was about to shout ‘Caught the first’. But Kai gave him Cookies with love and Ka undertood her intention and closed the shelf before going to search the next first.

Next moment, Ka heard something break making a loud noise. Fearing, Kai came out of the kitchen hiding the cookies. Kaa too came running from the bedroom with a scream and both joined Ka in the Main Room.

Suddenly, all three heard Ki’s  screaming, which was coming from the storage room. With sweat dripping in fear; Ka, Kaa and Kai ran upstairs to look for Ki.

Opening the Storage room, there, they found Ki standing near one of the corners and a Black Brown metal Statue was broken into two. With little uncomfortable seeing the DAMAGE around, Kaa asked Ki about what had happened.

Ki pointed at a wall and said that it all happened because of that. When they saw at Ki’s said place, there was a Lizard, and bursted out into laughter.


Miracle ☺

P.S. For more details about #MiracleChallenge, kindly visit “MiracleChallenge Week – 1” dated 14th June, 2016 –
in my blog. Participate and have fun 😎


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