This is a Poetry written in  Collaboration with Edi, one of my Penpals.


Their life etched with the haunting scars were not something which showed the appreciation
Of the people for love…
Romeo & Juliet they were the legends of disguise,
As gentle and serene as the sun in the storm battling & trying to deploy it’s light..
The moonbeams witnessed their dreadful end rusted with the shame of the people around…
Die O! Die..
The crowd went louder & louder!

The shower of merciless words pierced deep into their heart
Closing their tearful eyes, they both prayed to forgive their undone sins..

They looked into each others eyes
His heart pounding out.. Watched
Everybody leading them to death..
Even today the voice echoes!
“I’m with her, he said..”

A little child standing few feet away with fearful tears,
Waited for a Miracle to happen..
Dark clouds joined together for a love prayer
Winds gushed upon the trees and bushes
Birds chirped, fluttering their nervousness..
Breathing their last hope, Romeo and Juliet decided to put an End to their sufferings
Jumping from the highest Mountain..
But their saddening decision made
Rain shower in form of Cries..
Leaves to fall on the Earth with pain
Birds to fly away by vowing never to come back..
People felt a relief with their good decision,
Never realizing that this Petrichor will arise into Storm and Floods devastating the entire village..




Miracle 🙂


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