This a Short Story written in collaboration with Christainez, one of my Penpals.


She sits there, in front of the mirror, staring sullenly at her face, wondering what was lacking. She’d always believed she was pretty because he always told her so, but now, it all seems like a lie. She runs her hand across the sharp edge of the knife sitting in front of her, and a pearl of blood starts to bead at the tip of her finger. It’s the same shade of the lipstick stains she found on his shirt, she realises,  two days ago, when reality came crashing down on her. Red is a nice colour on him, she thinks, as she holds tight to the blade and waits for him to come home.

With vengeance, hearing the doorbell ringing; she stood up sucking her bloodied finger and started walking towards the door, hiding the Knife inside her Jeans. When she opened the door, he entered with a whistle and kissed her cheek and questioned about Dinner. She smiled curving her lip to the left and unbuttoned her first button, she asked him in a sexy tone to taste her as a hot and fresh dinner. With an excitement, coming near to her with a thirst in his eyes, he kissed her passionately giving her a perfect chance to take her knife out. She laughed looking at his face stabbing him thrice very deep and kissed the blood dripping knife that gave him chilling pain to his unfaithful heart.




Miracle 🙂


Photo Credit : blood-girl-knife-revenge-stab-Favim.com-74170


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