Lucy was always keen to learn new things and loves to travel a lot. Her passive talent made her grab many challenging businesses. Her passion for travel became the absolute must for her business growth too. It was fifth day of May month, instead of flight, she took a train, since the journey was only six hours.

Arranging the luggage, she made herself comfortable with the sitting and started reading her unfinished book curiously.

Few minutes passed. And someone knocked at her compartment door. Opening the door, Lucy asked with eagerness,
“May I know Who are you ?”

A male voice replied soothingly,
“Madam ! Am John Keller. Kindly, allow me for few minutes to take your prestigious Interview.”

Shocked and disturbed with his sudden request, she cautioned herself and questioned further, “Do you have an appointment or a Visitor pass?”

“Yes Madam, I had an appointment for today morning. But, a hour ago, I got to know about your urgent trip and your train details, which helped me to get you quickly. Because, this interview is very important for my career. Please don’t say NO. Please madam.”

“That’s Okay. Please have a seat. What would you like to have some cookies ?” She asked offering the fresh packet of Cookies to him.

“Thank you Madam. You are so kind and generous. But I have a surprise for you. Would you like to see?”, he asked laughing, while changing his innocent begging face to violent face.

Shocked at his strange and unexpected behaviour, she immediately felt the disturbance inside her body. The low pressure attacked her, making her to fall on the rough floor loudly.

Before Lucy could understand what was happening, he had a cloth over her mouth. She struggled with her breathing, but felt his icy cold hands. The roughness to them told her, he was a man of physical labor. He surely was either a Carpenter or a Blacksmith. She then questioned herself, “What does he want with me? His clean groomed persona and well suited attire has certainly been a great disguise! WHAT’S THIS NIGHTMARE?” She shivered with fear. She was meek, and too intimidated to fight her way out of his grip. Then, everything went black.

The train was moving speedily with background noise; to cover up the crime happening inside. He sat near Lucy, looking at her; with vengeance. He slapped her face for three times, making his finger impression on her rosy cheeks, to wake up her. Her disturbed eyes sensed the pain and tears rolled down to her ears. Gaining consciousness, with fear and heart beat increasing, Lucy woke up rolling her passive eyes, only to realize that there is no such visitor, since she had slept reading her novel book ‘Lucy and her Train Journey’ and dreamt the the same nightmare travel that happened to the main character named ‘Lucy’.

And, now the door knocked for real.



Miracle 🙂


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